The Howth Photographic Club was founded in Howth in the Summer of 1995. The club was founded under an initiative by Fingal County Council. Meetings were held in the Howth Library and continued there every second Wednesday with John O'Reilly as chairman and Kay O'Reilly as treasurer. Membership was small and meetings were very informal. Soon the Library was considered too small to accommodate a growing club and meetings were moved firstly to The Baily Hotel and then to Juverna home of member Eileen Cooke and finally to its present home in the Old Courthouse. The Clubs first exhibition of members photographs was held in 1997 in the Old Courthouse Harbour Road Howth and the Club has continued to exhibit here since. As well as this annual Summer exhibition the club now hold Spring and Autumn exhibitions in Baldoyle Library and participate annually in the "Peoples Photography" exhibition in St. Stephens Green. In conjunction with the Annual Summer exhibition the club host an open photography competition "the Spirit of Howth" sponsored by local pharmacist Charlie McDermot. Members of the public are invited to visit Howth and to enter photographs of all aspect of Howth life including people, places, culture and heritage. The aim of the club is to foster members enjoyment of photography and to help increase their skills by tutorials and field trips. Current 2014 Committee: Chairman Sam Keegan, Treasurer Michael Caulfield, Secretary Michael McCormack.

The Club is currently open for membership and further details are available by emailing

Howth Photographic Club Club Rules as adopted 18 May 2005, Amended Apr 2007, 3 Jun 2009, 4 Sept 2013, 30 Apr 2014.

The Club will be known as the “Howth Photographic Club” and membership will be open to all persons of 16 years of age and over. The Club is an association of individuals who share a common interest in photography as a hobby and who wish to improve their photographic skills through a sharing of their knowledge with fellow members.

The Club will endeavor to organise events, outings, lectures and competitions as may be agreed by the members in the course of any one year and will fund some activities through membership fees and any sponsorship funding that may be obtained.The Club Committee are responsible to set the parameters of annual Photography Exhibitions and Competitions of members photographs and are the final arbitrators in all related disputes.

The Club will hold an Annual General Meeting before the end of May of each year on a date, place and time as shall be decided by the Officers of the Club with not less than two weeks notice of such meeting to be given to each listed Member. Motions to be put before a meeting should be notified in the first instance to the Club Secretary and then by him by email to the membership at least two weeks in advance of any vote. Every member is entitled to vote in person or to appoint the chairperson as proxy to vote on all motions to be put before a meeting. A teller shall be appointed by the meeting to verify Proxy votes. Voting at all meetings shall be by show of hands, a simple majority prevailing, the Chairperson of the meeting having a second or casting vote in the event of a tie. The members will elect three officers at the AGM, namely Chairperson, Hon Secretary and Treasurer to be known as the Club Committee.

Club Meetings will be held on a Wednesday, at monthly intervals (October to March) and fortnightly intervals ( April to September) at 8.00 pm in the Old Courthouse, Howth. The quorum for Club Meetings will be six, to include at least one Officer of the Club. The Club will maintain a Bank / Credit Union Account and each member will contribute an annual membership fee as will be determined from time to time in line with club running costs. The Treasurer will keep an income and expenditure account and will present a written record of the account for approval at the Annual general meeting. Withdrawals from the Club account will require the approval signature of the Treasurer and one other authorised Member and no Member shall commit the Club to expenditure above 100 euros without the prior approval of the Members.

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