FAQ: How can I log in and upload my photos to the new club website ?

Club Secretary Michael McCormack is the administrator of the website and as such is the only member who can log in to the site. The log in allows full access to the website including the website structures and cannot be configured at present to allow members access galleries only. Photographs can be uploaded by email to the club at www.howthphotographicclub@gmail.com or delivered to Michael on a memory stick.

FAQ: What is the cost of annual membership ?

The annual cost of membership is currently set at 35 Euros. This annual subscription fee includes room rental for all club meetings, entry fees to club exhibitions and a gallery on the website during the membership year.

FAQ: How do I join the club ?

Membership is open to all over the age of 18. Should you wish to join you are welcome to come along to any of our scheduled meetings details of which can be found on the " Events " page or you can contact us by filling out your details on the " Contact " page.

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