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Irish Photographic Federation - The Irish Photographic federation is comprised of photographic clubs throughout the Republic of Ireland. It is governed by a National Council, the members of the Council being elected at the AGM from member clubs.

The Irish Professional Photographers Association - The Irish Professional Photographers Association (IPPA) founded in 1949 has been serving the interests of professional photographers and dedicating itself to the improvement of their standards in Ireland for over half a century.

Cambridge in Colour - Cambridge in Colour is an online learning environment where photographers can come to improve their skills. 

World Press Photo Exhibition - The World Press Photo Foundation is a major force in developing and promoting the work of visual journalists, with a range of activities and initiatives that span the globe.

Old Howth Photo Web Site

The Photographer's Ephemeris - The Photographer's Ephemeris® (TPE) is a tool to help you plan outdoor photography in natural light, especially landscape and urban scenes.

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